Klezmer Music Festival in Tsfat

Last week was the Klezmer Music Festival in Tzfat. People come from all over Israel (and the world) for the mult-day event. There are bands everywhere throughout the Old City of Tzfat. Vendors sell cotton candy, crepes and other fast food while jewelers and artists display their work.

It is hard to find accommocations in Tsfat so we had guests and relatives stay in our Zimmers at Villa Rimona in Yavne’el. It’s about a 30 minute drive to Tzfat from Yavniel.

I don’t really like big crowds, so Chana took the camera and joined her sister and family as well as some friends from Monsey and drove up on Thursday night. After editing the film, I really felt what it was like to be up there. Looked like lots of fun. Maybe I’ll go next time!

Come visit us next year! Call Chana at 077-419-9001, or from the USA at 718-717-2192.

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