The Galilee is not only about hiking, kayaking, swimming, jeeping and horseback riding.

If you are looking for some culture
,  about 10 minutes from Villa Rimona near Tzemach junction you’ll find Beit Gavriel Cultural Center.

There is a large auditorium where live performances
and concerts are held. A smaller theater operates as a cinema where recent release feature films are screened. In addition you can browse through three small galleries which display paintings, photography and sculpture.

Since the center is open on Shabbat,
it doesn’t have a major hechsher on the coffee shop, but they bring in baked goods and ice cream with good hechsherim.

Outside you can take a quiet stroll
on the promenade along the lake with beautiful views of Tiberias and the Golan.

Another great place to visit on your next stay at Villa Rimona zimmers in Yavne’el

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