Marzipan Museum & Activity Center – Kfar Tavor – 10min

Have you ever seen a Marzipan Elvis? Just down the road from us is a unique family attraction – the Marzipan Museum at Kfar Tavor.

Part of the new visitor center at the popular Tavor Winery it’s a fun activity for the whole family. There are amazing sculptures of celebrities and politicians as well as fairy tale characters.

It’s a family run business and you can watch the owners make the marzipan and praline chocolates.

After  a short film there’s a delightful workshop where you can make your own models from marzipan or chocolate – with help from expert instructors who adapt the workshop to every age from 3 to 93. Of course at the end, you can take your works home or eat them on the way. (ingredients supervised by the regional rabbi).

Enjoy the video – for more information visit their website.

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