The Switzerland Forest provides beautiful hiking opportunities and breathtaking views of Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee. It’s a park that was created by Keren Kayemet through donations from the Jewish community in Switzerland beginning in 1927 to prevent soil erosion and landslides on the steep slopes above the city. You can park you car once inside and take a leisurely hike with the whole family, it’s fairly level in most places.

In addition to hiking, you can drive the entire length from Poriya to Tiberias and I recently took the “short-cut” from Villa Rimona on my way to Tiverya and stopped to take some beautiful photos.
View of Tiberias from Switzerland Forest

Directions: 13 Minutes from Villa Rimona.

Enter Porriya Illit for 768. The JNF paved a road from the Poriya Youth Hostel northwards, leading the you into the heart of the forest and to the best vantage points. The road continues into “Schunat Dalet” of upper Tiberias

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