Hamat Gader – Hot Springs – Parrot Show – Aligator Park – (20min)

One of the most beautiful and popular health retreats in the Roman Empire was the spa at Hamat Gader on the southern ascent to the Golan Heights. Today you can see the remains of the incredible Roman Baths and an ancient amphitheatre. The popular modern hot springs and mineral baths fed by underwater springs

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Highway 98 – Golan Heights – Stunning Vistas – Exciting Switchbacks

If you love Highway 1 on the California coast, then you’ll love Highway 98 descending the Golan Heights from the top of the mountains down to Hamat Gader on the way back to Tiberias. We recommend driving on the road from top to bottom (north to south) as you’ll see more stunning vistas that

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PEACE VISTA: Amazing View of the Sea of Galilee from the Golan Heights

The most amazing view of the Sea of Galilee can be enjoyed by your family only a few minutes from Hamat Gader on the Golan Heights. On a clear day over Pesach we were able to see the entire Lake Kinneret, the Jordan Valley, Zemach, Kibbutz Kinneret, Yavne’el, Mount Tavor, Tiberias, Arbel, Meron, Tsfat,

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Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting in Katzrin – with Villa Rimona Zimmers

You may have been to a “wine tasting,” but recently we tried an “olive oil tasting” in Katzrin on the Golan Heights. Here’s a fun 2 minute video including us “tasting” the oil and “scrubbing” with olive soap. http://youtu.be/i9vyLoBrpUE

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Ayit Waterfall (Eagle Falls) – Golan Heights

If you love nature but don’t like hiking, here’s a beautiful site for your next visit to the Golan. Mapal Ayit is right on highway 808 not far from Gamla. The waterfall is a few steps from the parking lot. It’s even wheelchair accessible! There are stunning views and water flows all year long.

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Katzrin Park – Ancient Talmudic Village – Golan Heights – with Villa Rimona Zimmers

Join us on a video walk-thru of Rabbi Abun’s 2000-year-old house in Katzrin in the Golan Heights.

This two-story home boasts a large master suite, and a lovely courtyard for your chickens but sorry folks, there are no bathrooms and no running water. And it’s not for sale.

It’s at the Ancient Talmudic Village at Katzrin Park Living Museum.

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