Gan Garoo – Australian Zoo – near Beit Shean Israel

Gan Garoo is a great family attraction when vacationing in the north of Israel.

We had a great time this week walking among the kangaroos and parrots and feeding them! In addition you’ll see Koala bears, Emus, Cassawary, and lots of other animals and birds native to Australia.

It’s just outside Beit Shean adjacent to the Gan HaShlosha (Sachne) nature reserve.

This is another great frum friendly family attraction only 30 minutes away from our Villa Rimona Zimmers in Yavne’el.

Call us for more information about Gan Garoo, or to book your Galilee vacation at Villa Rimona: 077-419-9001

A Cool Date at Kibbutz Kinneret – with Villa Rimona Zimmers

Kibbutz Kinneret is a short drive from Villa Rimona near the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Ron and Omri were on hand at the Kibbutz Kinneret Factory outlet store called Tamarim Plus- to offer explanations and a “Date Tasting” lesson.

We learned about the different varieties of dates – from the “dietetic” Chiani variety,  to the King of Dates, the Medjool.

In addition to the fabulous variety of dates, date spread and syrup for sale, there is a great collection of local boutique wines, fresh spices and exotic spreads and condiments available.

It’s a short, fun, interesting and delicious stop on your visit to the Galilee and our family Zimmers at Villa Rimona.

Visit to Lake Hula Bird Sanctuary – Agamon Hula

It was a gorgeous sunny day on Wednesday, and after doing some shopping in Tiberias we decided to take an impromptu trip to the Agaman Hula Nature Reserve.

Located north of Tiberias and Lake Kinneret in the Hula Valley
, less than an hour from Yavne’el and Villa Rimona, this is one of the worlds foremost bird-watching sites. Situated on the Syrian-Afro migratory path over 500 million birds visit a year!

You can rent golf carts and bicycles to travel around the 9 kilometers of paved trail and watch the birds and other wildlife according to season.

Dvorat HaTavor – Honey Bee Farm

One of the great family attractions in the Lower Galilee is Dvorat HaTavor Honey Bee and Silk Worm Farm at Moshav Shadmot Devorah.

There are tours of the farm  in English or Hebrew of how the beehives work and how honey is made. You’ll also get a tour and explanation of how silk worms make silk.

There are arts and crafts activities for younger children as well as a petting farm.

It’s fun and educational for the whole family. Plan for a couple of hours to enjoy all the sights and activities.

It’s only ten minutes from Yavne’el and if you tell Yigal you came from Villa Rimona in Yavniel you’ll get a discount!

Horseback Riding in Ramot

It’s only a short drive from our Zimmers in Yavniel to the Golan Heights. You can reach Ramot, which is at the farthest point on the opposite side of the lake in about 25 minutes and enjoy the scenic drive either around the south, or north of the lake.

If you don’t want to partake in the beach at Kinar on the east side of the Kineret, you can drive up to Chavot Ramot Stables above Ramot on the Golan Heights. The views are stunning and you can spend the afternoon riding the country trails.

Afterwards you can stop by the Ramot Nofesh Hotel for a coffee or a cool drink on the patio.

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