Highway 98 – Golan Heights – Stunning Vistas – Exciting Switchbacks

If you love Highway 1 on the California coast, then you’ll love Highway 98 descending the Golan Heights from the top of the mountains down to Hamat Gader on the way back to Tiberias. We recommend driving on the road from top to bottom (north to south) as you’ll see more stunning vistas that way. […]

PEACE VISTA: Amazing View of the Sea of Galilee from the Golan Heights

The most amazing view of the Sea of Galilee can be enjoyed by your family only a few minutes from Hamat Gader on the Golan Heights. On a clear day over Pesach we were able to see the entire Lake Kinneret, the Jordan Valley, Zemach, Kibbutz Kinneret, Yavne’el, Mount Tavor, Tiberias, Arbel, Meron, Tsfat, Migdal, […]

Ayit Waterfall (Eagle Falls) – Golan Heights

If you love nature but don’t like hiking, here’s a beautiful site for your next visit to the Golan. Mapal Ayit is right on highway 808 not far from Gamla. The waterfall is a few steps from the parking lot. It’s even wheelchair accessible! There are stunning views and water flows all year long. The […]

Gan HaShlosha – Sachne – Nature Reserve — with Villa Rimona

Here is a two minute video of one of the most beautiful places in Israel. The nature reserve is used as a public swimming venue as well as a wonderful place to picnic, play and explore with the whole family. You’ll see waterfalls, springs, an ancient flour mill and more…

Beit Gabriel – Movie Theater & Cultural Center on the Kinneret

The Galilee is not only about hiking, kayaking, swimming, jeeping and horseback riding. If you are looking for some culture,  about 10 minutes from Villa Rimona near Tzemach junction you’ll find Beit Gavriel Cultural Center. There is a large auditorium where live performances and concerts are held. A smaller theater operates as a cinema where […]

Gan Garoo – Australian Zoo – near Beit Shean Israel

We had a great time this week visiting the Gan Garoo nature reserve. Here’s some fun video of us wandering among the kangaroos and some funny shots of me feeding the birds.
This is a great family friendly place to visit when you come up to visit the Galilee and Golan.

Visit to Lake Hula Bird Sanctuary – Agamon Hula

It was a gorgeous sunny day on Wednesday, and after doing some shopping in Tiberias we decided to take an impromptu trip to the Agaman Hula Nature Reserve. Located north of Tiberias and Lake Kinneret in the Hula Valley, less than an hour from Yavne’el and Villa Rimona, this is one of the worlds foremost […]

Dvorat HaTavor – Honey Bee Farm

One of the great family attractions in the Lower Galilee is Dvorat HaTavor Honey Bee and Silk Worm Farm at Moshav Shadmot Devorah. There are tours of the farm  in English or Hebrew of how the beehives work and how honey is made. You’ll also get a tour and explanation of how silk worms make […]