Chana’s Yummy Homemade “Morning Glory” Muffins!

Some people choose to stay with us at Villa Rimona Zimmers just because of Chana’s yummy homemade muffins. They are delivered fresh each morning to your Zimmer.  

Hike to Ein Yavne’el – Natural Spring

Just a few minutes from Villa Rimona is a hiking path that leads to a natural cave with a fresh water spring. The cave serves as a natural mikvah.

On Chol Hamoed or summer Bein HaZmanim you may find some other hikers, otherwise you can often have the place to yourselves.

Along the way you . . . → Read More: Hike to Ein Yavne’el – Natural Spring

Kinneret Rising – Sea of Galilee is almost full!

Join Shmuel as he visits the Kinneret as it continues to rise. It’s the highest it has been after seven years of drought in Israel.

Beaches have disappeared and now large boats and pleasure craft can safely dock in the Tiberias harbour.

The water level is now just over 210 meters below sea level. Less . . . → Read More: Kinneret Rising – Sea of Galilee is almost full!

Sukkot Harvest – Shmuel Picking Dates – Fun 1m video

One of the amazing surprises about living in “farm country” in Israel is that I’ve begun to appreciate that Chag HaSukkot is Chag Ha-asif (The festival of the autumn harvest).

In Toronto we davened that it wouldn’t snow on our Sukkah. In Yavne’el, in addition to all the other preparations for the holiday, we get . . . → Read More: Sukkot Harvest – Shmuel Picking Dates – Fun 1m video

Rosh HaShanah “Simanim” (Significant Omens)

It’s the month of Elul and we’re greating ready for Rosh HaShana at Villa Rimona.

We’ve got a bumper crop of Dates and Pomegranates this year and the Date clusters are hanging heavily on the tree and need to be tied up, and the pomegranates need to be protected from their enemies with paper bags.

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Mazel Tov to the English Family

Howard English and his extended family are regular visitors to Villa Rimona. Last time they visited they were celebrating a grandson’s Bar Mitzvah with a family tour in Israel. Here’s a 1 min video of them.

This past weekend Howard and family celebrated again as their son-in-law, Rabbi Rafi Lipner spent his first Shabbat . . . → Read More: Mazel Tov to the English Family

Everyone’s Flocking to Yavne’el!

The day after Tisha B’av summer vacation has officially started for the whole country.

The first guests have started arriving at Villa Rimona and b’h’ our Moshava of Yavne’el will be full of visitors for the next few weeks.

You’ll never know who you may run into in the streets.

Here’s a flock of sheep…

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