One of our favortie brands of Israeli wines is Dalton. They make a wonderful selection of non-mevushal wines. Recently we were in Tsfat and decided to take the 12 minute drive north to visit the Dalton Winery and Visitor Center.

The masgiach was available to discuss the wines with us in English and pour us the samples (remember I mentioned the wine is not mevushal?). The merlot was very good, it didn’t have the “earthy” after taste that many Israeli wines have. However the Cabernet Sauvignon was superb.

When it’s just the two of us, we usually don’t finish the bottle, so we were happy to see they were selling the small 375 cc half bottles.

This is a great quick stop if you are heading up to Meron or Tsfat and are looking for gifts for your Israeli hosts, or just some good wine to take home with you.

Just 60 minutes north of Villa Rimona Zimmers

People wishing to take the full tour the facility are requested to call the winery in advance on 04 698 7683 x 2 or

The winery is open every day (except for Shabbat and Holidays) between 10am-4pm, last tour is at 4pm, and on Fridays 10am-1pm, last tour is at 1pm. The tour and a tasting take about 45 minutes.

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