We took a trip in July up to Mount Hermon (pronounced “Chermon”). Most people visit the mountain in the winter during snow skiing season. The Ski season is very short in Israel and the place is packed in the winter.

It’s a whole different experience in the summertime. The weather is stunning. It’s easy to park and the cable car up the mountain is half price. When you get to the top of the mountain the views are breathtaking.

There will be guides up there if you’d like to hike a bit. You can’t wander around on your own because it is technically a closed military area with outposts overlooking Syria.

It’s a 90 minute drive from Villa Rimona Zimmers in Yavne’el in the Galilee. You can combine a visit to Hermon with a trip to the Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary, Banias, Tel Faher, De Karina Chocolate Factory, Talmudic Village in Katzrin and more…

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