Yavne’el Public Pool Hours – 2017 Season

  • The public pool is open this year from July  – August 31, 2017.
  • According to the Ministry of Health swimming in regular clothes is not permitted, a proper bathing suit must be worn.
  • Entrance fee: varies from 15 shekels to 30 shekels depending on if it’s mixed swim or separate swim and if it’s children under 12, teens between 12-18, and adults.
  • NOTE: This schedule is provided by the pool operators. It has been known in previous years to be changed at the last moment. We cannot be responsible if expected separate swim hours are not available when you arrive for your stay at Villa Rimona Zimmers.
 Sun 09:00-14:00 Women 15:00-19:00 Men 19:00-22:00 Men
 Mon 09:00-14:00 Men 15:00-19:00 Women
 Tue 09:00-14:00 Mixed 15:00-19:00 Mixed 19:00-22:00 Women
 Wed 09:00-14:00 Men 15:00-19:00 Women
 Thu 10:00-14:00 Mixed 15:00-19:00 Mixed 19:00-22:00 Mixed
 Fri 10:00-14:00 Mixed 15:00-17:00 Mixed

For any questions please contact the Matnas office at  04-6708211

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