Villa Rimona

So many of our guests at Villa Rimona Zimmers ask us about going Tractoronim.

Tractoronim are ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) which are usually like 4 wheel motorcycles. There are many places that offer tours of 1 – 2 hours through nature trails and kibbutz fields throughout the north.

We decided to try our luck at a place in Ramot Naftali in the Upper Galilee above the Hula Valley. Instead of renting a tractoron (ATV), we chose a “Ranger Car” which was much more skirt friendly. You sit upright in it, side by side like a regular car.

Needless to say, we had a great time. The highlight was making Turkish Coffee outside on the cliff overlooking a breathtaking view of the Mount Hermon and the Hula Valley.

Ramot Naftali is one hour north of Villa Rimona Zimmers. Book a night or two with us and use Villa Rimona as your base to explore the Upper Galilee. This is a great activity to combine with a trip to the Hula Valley Nature Reserve.

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