Tel Faher - Six Day WarThe fiercest and decisive battle in the Six Day War to take the Golan Heights was at Tel Faher. It was a Syrian Army stronghold. A network of bunkers were built into the side of the mountain making it almost impossible to breach.

The Barak Division of the Golani Brigade attacked the site and lost over 30 soldiers in the fierce battle and eventually overran the Syrians who fled. This stopped the constant shelling and firing upon the Jewish farmers in the Hula Valley.

Today Tel Faher is called Golani Lookout
and is situated on the road leading from Mount Herman to the Banias. It’s a highly recommended stop to appreciate the view and what those brave soldiers did for us during the Six Day War.

The kids can explore the bunkers and you can have a picnic lunch looking at the view of the Hula Valley.

It’s free.  You can combine it with a trip to;
Mount Hermon
DeKarina Chocolate Factory
Katsrin Talmudic Village and more.

It’s only about an hour and twenty minutes away from Villa Rimona Zimmers in Yavne’el in the lower Galilee by car.

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