Nahal Teninim – Nature Reserve and Roman Aquaduct

If you love nature and history, but don’t want to hike, Nahal Teninim is a great place for the whole family.

Nachal Teninim (Aligator stream)
is a wonderful national nature reserve and is home to an amazing Roman Dam and Aquaduct that brought fresh water to Caesarea.

Chana and I had a great time
strolling through nature. Around every corner was a new surprise… either the ancient rock quarry, a byzantine flour mill, waterfalls, flocks of sheep or the amazing ancient dam and aquaduct.

It’s just an hour away from Villa Rimona Zimmers on Highway 4 just south of Zichron Yaakov. Great to combine with a trip to the Carmel Caves or Zichron Yaakov itself.
Here is the official website in English with times, prices etc.

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