Reviews – What our Guests are Saying

Here are over 100 reviews from some of our guests sharing their experiences. Our guests come from all over the world and from all backgrounds. We’ve listed them according to where they are from in case you know some of them from your home town! Click on location to see the reviews from guests from that area.

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JERUSALEM Har Nof Ramat Eshkol Sanhedria HaMurchevet
Kiryat Sanz Bayit Vegan Neve Yaakov Telz Stone
Maale Adumim RAMAT BEIT SHEMESH MODIIN Moshav Mattityahu


“We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our stay. Everything was warm, clean, plentiful, thoughtful. We are trully recharged and full of good energies. These were moments to last a lifetime. What a gift, thank you!”

-The Wohlgelerntners, Old City

“This is an AMAZING place to stay. The Veffers are a couple who do not just care about their business. They actually helped us feel like we were on vacation!They made us feel comfortable and safe. Truly special people. (Also, I was afraid to go because of cleanliness….Mrs. Veffer is very careful about keeping it clean)”

-Aviva Greenspoon Engelhart, Old City

Daniel Ashkenazy and LiorThank you so very much for your hospitality and friendly home-like atmosphere. We felt very comfortable. Great to be among fellow Canadians as well. It is a really small Jewish world.

-Daniel & Lior Ashkenazy, Jerusalem.

Thank you R’ Shmuel and Chana for the warm outstanding hospitality. Looking forward to seeing you again in beautiful Yavn’eel.

-Adam & Anna Ross, Jerusalem

“Thank you, we had a lovely time. Hadara (my 4 yr. old granddaughter) especially liked picking cherry tomatoes with you. Your muffins were delicious.”

-Tova Hirsch & Crew, Kiryat Moriya

“Villa Rimona was just what we needed and more than we expected.
Exceptionally relaxing, comfortable and beautiful.
For couples looking to get away for a few days to relax and unwind, this is the perfect environment. And Shmuel and Chana’s gracious hosting is above and beyond the call of duty.
We look forward to our return trip.”

-R’ Shimon & Miriam Apisdorf, Kiryat Moshe


“You were so friendly and welcoming and the place was beautiful and clean. Just perfect! We had a really lovely trip.

“Wishing you the hatzlocho you deserve. You’ve done a great job with the zimmerim.”

– Libby Goldberg, Har Nof, Jerusalem

“Thank you and your husband for the most comfortable accommodations!

We really enjoyed a very relaxing שבת in this beautiful town.”

-Mutty and Rivke Grunberg, Har Nof, Jerusalem

“We had an absolutely lovely time here. It was quiet and relaxing. There were a variety of activities available. It was just what we were looking for. We hope to come back again! Thank you!”

– Reuvan & Elen Loewenstein, Har Nof, Jerusalem

“We had a wonderful time and think there is more than one Tzaddik in Yavne’el. Hope to come again, I’Y’H.”

– Bina and Heshie Starck, Har Nof

“Wow wow wow! Thank you so much for a fabulous amazing holiday. A gorgeous zimmer, you thought of everything. Thank you so much! It was so relaxing and comfortable we’ll never forget it!

– Bentzy & Devoiry Katzenstein, Har Nof, Jerusalem

“I can’t get over how welcome you made us feel, how helpful and patient you were with every request…. i would definitely recommend your zimmers! You are so amazing personally and professionally — you go above and beyond, you have a wonderful zimmer and thank you so much! Looking forward to being in touch!”

– Rochel & Eliyahu Starr, Har Nof, Jerusalem

“Thank you very much for making us feel so welcome and helping make our stay so enjoyable.

This is our second time here as we had such a good time last time. The zimmers are lovely, clean and comfortable and in an extremely convenient location. Thank you again for everything, we really enjoyed it.”

-The Fishers, Har Nof, Jerusalem

Thank you for being the most fantastic hosts! We had a wonderful stay in Yavniel thanks to all your hospitality and helpful information that you provided us. We can’t wait to tell everyone about Villa Rimona and especially the delicious fresh muffins! Please send us the recipe! We look forward to staying here again some time.

– The Wieders, Har Nof, Jerusalem

We had a beautiful time here in Yavne’el. Your place is BEAUTIFUL!! The zimmer was so comfortable – so clean – so cozy – so so nice. The girls and Shmuli loved it. And the muffins Yum!!
Last time we came for Shabbos. This time we wanted time to spend ‘doing things.’ Next time we want to come for at least 3 nights.

-Julie and Chaim Hoch & Family, Har Nof

“Thank you for your warmth, friendliness and concern. Thank you for the quiet, fresh air and beautiful view. Thank you for the cleanliness and comfortable accomodations. Thank you for that spark of spirituality… and twinkle in all of our eyes!

– Sharon & Aharon Falk, Har Nof

“What a wonderful place for a vacation. Nice, clean and comfortable accomodations. Gracious hosts!

There were several places to daven and obtain provisions and a warm, friendly community that we will remember for a long time. Thank you!”

-The Ornsteins, Har Nof

“Your hospitality, warmth, gourmet meals and your extra special attention to ensuring our comfort all contributed to our magical vacation.

Without exageration or flattery, we say emphatically that we never spent as lovely a ‘getaway’ as this weekend.

Thank you and may הקב,ה continue to bless you with performing הכנסת אורחים with such שמחה ותפארת.”

-The Macklers, Har Nof

“Thank you so much for everything! It was amazing!”

– Sara & Avi Wieder, Har Nof


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“We had an amazing, comfortable relaxing Shabbos/Weekend! This is the only place I’ve seen pictures of online and when we got here, the place looked even better! Thanks for the great accommodations & the warm, friendly atmosphere! We hope to be back soon! – The Baidas

Thanks so much for the awesome Shabbos! The beautiful Tzimmers… the surprise l’chaim & everything else was just great!! Hope to be back soon!! Good luck – The Gestetners”

Baida & Gestetner Families, Jerusalem

“We had a really great time. No detail forgotten, everything perfectly done and set up! The kids were thrilled and loved all the space to run and play! We hope to be back really soon!”
– Leiby & Adina Ackerman, Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful stay! We truly enjoyed staying with you.
You have a beautiful place and a gorgeous view – thank you! Thank you! May you welcome many more families into your home.”

The Lowy Family, Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem

Wow!! What a beautiful time we had! A true relaxing vacation in a beautiful atmosphere. Everything was clean, neat, well kept & best of all, friendly! Lots of hatzlacha.

-Yehoshua and Avigail Cohen, Ramat Eshkol

Thank you so much for hosting us! We enjoyed being here so much. Have been so welcoming and accommodating. We will definitely let people know about this great place!”

-The Baums, Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem

Beautiful vacation with extraordinary care! Can’t wait to come back!~

– Eliezer & Rayzel Broyde & Family, Jerusalem

Thank you so much for a wonderful and relaxing vacation in your Zimmer. Short but so very sweet & just “what the doctor ordered” – R&R which “hit the spot!”
Your hospitality was above and beyond & we had everything we needed. We certainly look forward to returning again!

– R’ Label & Devorah Sharfman, Jerusalem


Our stay was extremely comfortable & pleasant. The morning muffins were a lovely surprise. You’ve made our stay a home away from home.

-The Kramers, Sanhedria Murchevet, Jerusalem


“Thank you SO MUCH! We had a great time! Thanks for being the best hostess ever!

The Zimmer was great. Fully equipped. Especially for Shabbos! The Jacuzzi was great too!! We hope to come back some time soon.

Dovi & Goldie Mellman, Kiryat SanzJerusalem

We had a fabulous time. The zimmer is so child friendly and the Veffers are fabulous hosts. We enjoyed getting to see Yavne’el and all the animals at every turn. We would love to come back!”

-The Sofers, Jerusalem

“Thank you very much
1) it was “geshmak”!
2) it was “ah mechaya”!
3) it was “git”!

– Yaakov Yosef Ginzberg, 8 years old, Jerusalem

Issamar Ginzberg“Thank you very very much! We had a wonderful vacation! Everything was “Just So”!

– Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg & Family, Kiryat Sanz


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Chaim & Shayna KleinmanThank you so much for the wonderful accommodations! We enjoyed our stay very much! Thank you for being such helpful and gracious hosts, and for providing such a comfortable and clean zimmer, which made our vacation very enjoyable! The breakfast muffins added an extra special touch too! We will be very happy to come here again , and will recommend that our friends and family come here as well!

-Chaim & Shayna Kleinman, Bayit Vegan


“Just want to say a huge ‘thank you!’ for hosting us in this spectacular zimmer.

“It’s been an amazing ‘holiday break’ from A to Z – from the extremely yummy muffins each morning to the really relaxing jacuzzi and the unbelievable scenery here. Villa Rimona is really second to none. B’H’ we hope to be back sometime soon!.”

– Shifra & Yisroel Ebbing , Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

“We had such a wonderful time staying in your tzimmerim. Thank you so much for going out of your way to make our vacation a real vacation.”

– Elisheva Cable, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

“For those of you interested in information regarding vacations. I would like to let you know that we came across a fantastic tzimmer!!! It is in the quiet country village of Yavniel – ten minutes from the Kinneret. There a frum, English-speaking couple have set up three tzimmers.

“The studio tzimmer we stayed in, is beautifully decorated in soothing pastel shades. It has a small covered dining patio outside the front door with a green grassy garden beyond. The rates are great too with a special off-season deals …The hosts are friendly and helpful.”

– Rina Klein, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem

“My parents, daughter and I had a really nice time. Everything was nice, clean and comfortable.

R. Shmuel and Chana Veffer made things so comfortable for us. Hope to be back soon, B’H'”

-R. Bensussen, Neve Yaakov


Thank you very much for a lovely getaway! We were so comfortable here & our kids had a great time. Even though this vacation was four years in the making, we hope to return soon.

Julie & Gavriel Joanes, Telz Stone


Ungers-Baruch Ronit and kidsThank you! Our families had such a wonderful time here! With such a large crowd of kids you guys made us feel right at home. The kids loved feeling like they were at their “second home.” Looking forward to returning in the near future.

-Ronit & Baruch Unger and Amy & Shalom Schwartz – Maale Adumim

Chana & Shmuel, Thank you so much for your kind hachnasat orchim from beginning to end. You are very friendly, helpful and engaging, and know that had we stayed longer we would have enjoyed personal time together. You run a lovely zimmer and you made us feel welcome and at home. May you be blessed with continued bracha and hatzlacha in all that you do.

Rivkah & Elan Adler, Maale Adumim

“When we arrived at Villa Rimona, we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful room and the lush green grass. The rooms were beautiful and very clean.

The Veffers are very hospitable and always willing to help and give a helping hand. It was a very relaxing time and we’ll recommend it to our friends back home.”

– Adina & Mark Kischel, Maale Adumim


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“We came for a three day getaway and visited Tsfat, Tiverya and went bike riding in Ramot.

Our stay at Villa Rimona was exquisite, beautiful and relaxing. Everything was just perfect. And our hosts were such lovely people. Thank you Veffers!”

Beverly and Stan Chimes, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We had such a wonderful time staying here!! You have a beautiful home and zimmers – and your great smile tops it all off!! “

– Leora & Eliezer Adam, Ramat Beit Shemesh
Nissim and Esther Ohayan came with their son Raphael for Shabbat at Villa Rimona.On Sunday morning, they joined us for breakfast. Here’s how they summed up their mini-trip to the Galil to celebrate Esther’s birthday.Click to watch (1 minute)

“Location was excellent. Beds were the comfiest I’d slept on in ages. Zimmer was bright and airy. The backyard was perfect for the kids to run around.

Yavne’el is a great town with lots of makolets with kosher food and parks for the kids. And the Veffers are so lovely, they really know how to host!”

–Leah Kaplan, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We loved spending Shabbos in this beautiful piece of Eretz Yisroel. Thank you for everything!”

– The Hamburgs, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We had a wonderful stay in your beautiful zimmer.”

– The Glassers, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“Wonderful place to stay! Thank you for all the amenities.”

– David and Vickie Lecy, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“Staying at Villa Rimona is the most peaceful and relaxing vacation you can have in Israel. The views were breathtaking and there were all kinds of interesting things to do and see in the surrounding areas. Can’t wait to come back again!”

– Leah Resnick, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“Villa Rimona is the ideal family vacation spot! With accomodations that lacked nothing, hosts who are ready to help with anything and everything, space to run around and play – all in a beautiful religious community surrounded by lush green mountains. What more could you ask for?!

Since we were just 12 minutes from the Kineret, we managed to get in a local hike in the mountains as well as a boat trip on the water on Erev Shabbos, with plenty of time to spare. Location, accomodations, beautiful surroundings – Villa Rimona has it all!.”

-Pinny & Sherrie Gross and Family, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“This weekend was B’H’ very comfortable and pleasant. It was very spacious – the kids loved it. Beds are really comfortable. Great Shul, parks and pool nearby.

Our hostess Chana was very kind and pleasant to work with. We’ll definitely come back I’H” with more people. Thank you.”

-The Rekants, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“How relaxing & beautiful. A wonderful respite for a day, a Shabbat, a week or more. You made us so comfortable. We will, bli neder, be back!”

-Joan & Eliezer Entel, Beit Shemesh

“Thank you! We really had a great time at Villa Rimona. The kids are having a great time reminiscing about our vacation. “

-Roness Family, Ramat Beit Shemesh

We finally found the perfect vacation spot in Israel. All our needs were taken care of so we could just relax and enjoy the beauty and the ruchnius of one of hte greatest areas on earth.

– R’ Yaakov and Bayle Haber, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Thank you for a wonderful stay – a home away from home!! Looking forward to coming back again soon.

– Sammy & Rochelle Bergin, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Thanks for a great stay-over while we were in the Galil. The room was great. Clean, comfortable and accommodating. Everything worked (a/c, shower, bathroom facilities, kitchenette facilities). And it was a bonus to end our breakfast with Chana’s scrumptious muffins. We’re coming again…..

-Naomi, David and Tehilla Geffen, Ramat Beit Shemesh

R. Yaakov & Chana Schwartz FamilyWhat a great experience! We feel priviledged to spend our “first aliyah anniversary vacation” in your beautiful & comfortable Tzimmer in Eretz Yisrael! May more & more olim come to Israel so they can share this unforgettable and breathtaking vacation!

-Chani & Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz, RBS

What a nice Shabbat we’ve had here at Villa Rimona in Yavne’el. Our family will always remember it.

Paula & Mitch Burg, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Dear Hosters! We love staying in your zimmmer. Thank you very much.

– Bracha Burg, RBS

I really enjoyed myself at your zimmer. Thank you. The muffins were great!

– Chana Burg, RBS

Eliav Friedman & Tzvi Friedman FamiliesThank you so much for making our family vacation possible! You provided us with a comfortable place to stay. Everyone even slept through the night! We really enjoyed the stay and hope to come back soon!

-Aviva and Eliav Friedman and family, Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Thanks you so much for a great stay in this beautiful and relaxing Zimmer! We really appreciate all the little nice touches you thoughtfully provided, and we truly felt your hospitality! We would definitely recommend it to our friends!

-Tova Sklar, Chana Lapidsky and Shoshana Eri, Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Such a peaceful & comfortable place to get away from it all.
Thanks for your hospitality… the warm welcome you gave us made us feel like family. P.S. The muffins were delicious!

-Avi & Shira Lipman, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We were warmly welcomed. Made comfortable. Mrs Veffer explained all the different things we needed to know about the zimmer air con, jacuzzi etc.. Even before we came we felt comfortable to phone and ask for directions or advice on what trip to do on the way up to teveria. We went to gangaroo, which was really fun. Every morning we had yummy muffins. The rooms were clean and comfortable. Would definitely go back again. “

-Rachel & Jonny Links, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Thank you for a wonderful relaxing Shabbat. Your warmth is wonderful and so is your hachnasat orchim. We look forward to coming again.

Meir and Esther Selig, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We really enjoyed our stay at Villa Rimona in Yavne’el. The zimmer was roomy and comfortable. There was plenty of room for the whole family. The kitchen was well stocked, the bathroom and bath were comfortable with plenty of space to comfortably bathe small kids.

Yavne’el is close to Tiberias, not far from Tzfat and the Golan, so that we were able to take trips all over.

Locally, a nice local supermarket and pizza shop were very convenient. Thank you! Very highly recommended.”

-Rafi & Shalhevet Roness, Ramat Beit Shemesh

“We brought our four children out for a small vacation and they said the BEST part was the Tzimmer. The Veffers were just lovely and so accomodtating and we loved the close proximity to the shul and mikvah for my husband.

Thanks for everything – we can’t wait to come back!”

-Liz & Yossi Kohan, Beit Shemesh


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“We wanted to thank you and your husband again for your wonderful hospitality. We had a great weekend at Villa Rimona and look forward to referring on our friends and family when they are looking for a great place to stay in the Galil.!”
– Rena & Mikey Lev, Modiin, Israel

Delightful stay – a Shabbat to remember. Thank you for your kind hospitality. Yavne’el is truly unique. Many thanks for everything. We will spread the word about Villa Rimona.

– The Martells (Toronto) & the Sedleys (Modiin)

Thank you so much for the lovely Shabbat! The kids had a blast and so did we.

– Jason and Leiah Elbaum, Modiin

“A lovely Shabbat in this peaceful corner of the Galil! ‘family friendly’ doesn’t begin to do justice to the wonderful hospitality shown to us by the Veffers. A great ending to our vacation in the Tzafon. Thanks so much!”

-Kate and Larry Stern, Modiin


We had a wonderful relaxing time. Even though we also live in “the country” being away from home was a beautiful chagne. Continue with your beautiful place – we hope to return.

– Meir and Annette Migdal, Moshav Mattityahu

We had a wonderful relaxing vacation here at Villa Rimona Zimmers. You offered great service – with a smile – down to the last detail – even help with our daily plans! Wishing you lots of success.

– The Frydmans, Moshav Mattityahu


Mark & Cheryle Levitt and Sharon & David ZuckerbrodThis was the prefect way to relax with good friends (visiting from the USA) after our son’s wedding! The Zimmer is beautiful, service is impecable and the Shabbat atmosphere was wonderful. Highly recommended to our friends to visit and enjoy! Thank you!

-Mark and Cheryle Levitt, Chashmonaim.

“We had such a wonderful time at Villa Rimona. We stayed for two nights in two zimmers. The rooms were clean and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Thank you, Veffers, for providing us with a clean, convenient place to stay during our vacation. It was great meeting you!

– The Moritz Family, Chashmonaim


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“We had a wonderful and relaxing time at Villa Rimona.”

-Tsipi (Wexler) & Ben Pashkov, Netanya


We had a lovely stay in your Tzimmers. Your warmth and hospitality added the extra special touch. We felt that you cared for our every need (You even lent us beach shoes). Your friendliness and smiles made us feel at home right away. May you continue to succeed in your business and hachnasat orchim. We will certainly recommend you to all our family.

-Michelson Family, Rehovot


“The hospitality at Villa Rimona is beyond anything we have ever experienced. Many vacation locations promise a warm, hospitable environment but who could have imagined the owners waving you in as you approach the driveway and then demonstrating personal concern for your every need, large or small?

Add to that large clean cottages, spectacular scenery and many nearby attractions and you have all the ingredients of a reasonably priced, dream vacation. Visit Villa Rimona. You owe it to yourself and your family.”

– Howard English, Toronto
Howard English and Family from Toronto came back a second time to celebrate a grandson’s Bar Mitzvah with a three generation family trip to the north and picked Villa Rimona as their base.

Click to watch (1 minute)

“We had a delightful time during our stay with you. You were great hosts and wonderful to deal with. Keep up the great work! Beautiful place!! Thank you!!

Sandi & Chaim Bredin, Richmond Hill, ON

Delightful stay – a Shabbat to remember. Thank you for your kind hospitality. Yavne’el is truly unique. Many thanks for everything. We will spread the word about Villa Rimona.

– The Martells (Toronto) & the Sedleys (Modiin)

“Thanks so much Chana and Shmuel. I had the best time.

– Natasha Stern, Toronto


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For more information, or to book a Zimmer call Chana at 077-419-9001 or from abroad dial our USA number 718-717-2192


“Thank you again for a wonderful stay at Villa Rimona. Your welcoming ways and extra touches keep us returning over and over. My Dad felt that he could have sat in your scenic yard and gazed at the hills forever.

“Everyone thinks your beds and bedding are very inviting. We all had amazing sleeps. As Yissachar has aptly put it, “Mrs. Veffer’s zimmer is fun!” Thanks for everything and we’ll see you the next time.”

– Grotto Family, London, Ontario


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“Lovely place – thanks so much for your hospitality!”

-Seth Aronson, Riverdale NY
-Dan Wechter, Ginot Shomron


“We had a beautiful vacation at Villa Rimona. The zimmer was spacious and lovely, in very good taste. All the amenities were perfect.

You are hospitality plus. We enjoyed our stay here immensely. The Villa and area are beautiful. We will definitely recomment your place to friends and relatives. Thank you for your graciousness”

-Alan and Renee Silver, New York


Barry Lifschitz FamilyThe accommodations were great!!! You are the perfect hosts – “hosts with the most.” You were there to answer all of our questions – and always with a smile! Chana’s muffins were superb – a great way to start the day – with a cup of coffee of course!

You antidipated all of our needs, and it was so nice of you to always check to see if all was okay, as if we needed something. And, by the way, the location is great. We felt as though we were family.

– Emily & Barry Lifschitz, Rena & Nissan Lifschitz, Shaul, Eliezer, Azriel, Yisroel, Meir, Chaim Noach & Dovid Yitzchok, Adina & Hillel Mann, Betzalel Ori & Chemdat


“Thank you for all you did for us when we stayed at Villa Rimona. We did quite a lot of sightseeing and particularly enjoyed the kangaroo, dairy and bee “farms”. The kids had a ball!

The passion fruit you picked for us was delicious.”

–Sandy and Clive Slovin, Atlanta


We stayed here over Hanukah and loved it. Very clean… all the amenities… and very friendly hosts.

– Drori Family, Sacramento, CA


What a retreat! After a week in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, our visit to Villa Rimona and the Lower Galilee brought us the relaxation we needed.
Thanks so much for the tasty muffins and the amazing hospitality for us and our baby. This is a great guest house in a quaint village.

-Ashley & Tim Layton, Boston MA


“Thank you so much for being so welcoming and caring. It was absolutely wonderful to stay here. It feels like a sanctuary here. And BIG thanks for the delicious food — one of the best meals I had in Israel!

-Sarah Grossman – Philadelphia


We had a relaxing, refreshing stay here. The accomodations could not have been better. You have a lovely spot of paradise in a lovely country.

-Shauna Dickson, Ashburn, Virginia, USA


Thank you for the hospitality & kindness during our stay. We enjoyed our talk with R’ Shmuel. Thank you for taking time to answer our many questions. Also, loved the dates and muffins. Your zimmer was amazing. We will be recommending you to others.

– Brian & Michelle Masser, Hagerstown, Maryland


This was a wonderful experience! It was our first time renting a Zimmer. You made our stay very warm, personable and helpful. We will recommend Villa Rimona Zimmers to all of our friends who plan to come up North! Thanks for everything! We had a great time!

-Sharon & David Zuckerbrod, Baltimore MD.


“Yes we did in fact book a hotel in Tiberias because you were fully booked at Villa Rimona and hope that we can stop by and say hello. I wanted to tell you that I have already mentioned your name so many times to a few people and thank you so much for setting a wonderful example of chessed and hachnosat orchim.

As I’m sure you know, planning a trip to Israel that is fun, exciting and appropriate for the whole family can be a challenge and its always helpful to have kind, welcoming people who are familiar with an area help you along the way. Your amazing guide book has saved me a tremendous amount of time and anxiety in planning my trip and I wanted to let you know that your chessed and hachnossat orchim has extended to us, even though we havent yet met and we will unfortunately not be staying with you (this time).

“May Hashem grant you and your wife much mazel, bracha, good health and continued success and may your business continue to help people enjoy their stay in our beautiful holy land.”

-Rochelle Klier, Michigan


Our family had a wonderful time at your Tzimmers. We enjoyed feeling at home and in the “country.” May you have much success & mazal.

Elyse & Scott Rosenzweig & family, Skokie, IL

I love it. Thanks!!!

Gabi Rosenzweig


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Great place to stay – linens & towels, peace, quiet and safe for the grandchildren. Very relaxing and welcoming. Thank you.

-Karen & Adrian Ross, England

“Thank you for the most wonderful, wonderful time. The zimmer was perfect. Tell your mom she is the best interior designer!

Love, love Yavne’el – so refreshing to see all the people of different backgrounds living together with respect B’H’! Above all thanks for being such warm and friendly hosts.”

-The Birnbaum Family, Edgeware, UK


Paul & Hillary Caplan & FamilyWhat a wonderful five day stay we have had! We will definitely come back again. Thank you for being so warm, friendly, welcoming, kind and helpful — anticipating everything we could possibly need. We feel like family.

Thank you also for all your email responses and patience even before we arrived. We will certainly recommend you to friends and family both in Israel & England.
We wish you lots of hatzlacha & good health to continue your wonderful hospitality.
P.S. Beautiful muffins and wonderful Jacuzzi – paradise on earth!

Hilary and Paul Caplan, Manchester


Thank you so much for the nice zimmer and the tasty muffins! It was such a peaceful stay! All the best!

– Sarah Brom, Dresden, Germany


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World-renowned lecturer Rebbetzen Lori Palatnikof the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project came for Shabbos with the Jesmer family.They had just completed a JWRP mission of 100 women and came to Villa Rimona for a well earned break.Click to watch (1/2 minute)


“The Fifteen guys in our Essentials Program who were up at your place a few weeks ago had a lovely time.

Your hospitality and more made a big difference.”

Rabbi Stuart Schwartz,
Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem


JEWEL Shabbaton
Thanks for all the love and good meals. It was one of the best Shabboses ever. I hope I can come again!!!
Thank you so much for hosting us. We all felt so welcomed and learned a lot about his beautiful area. Will definitely be returning. – Aimee Gordon, Sydney Australia
Thank you so much for a beautiful and memorable Shabbat as well as your warm hostpitality. -Zara Shapero, Sydney Australia.
Thank you for having us over for this Shabbat. Your home is absolutely lovely and the food is divine!! I hope to come back soon to this amazing and special house.– Rachel Kuttner, Melbourne Australia

For more information, or to book a Zimmer call Chana at 077-419-9001 or from abroad dial our USA number 718-717-2192


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