Just a few minutes from Villa Rimona is a hiking path that leads to a natural cave with a fresh water spring. The cave serves as a natural mikvah.

On Chol Hamoed or summer Bein HaZmanim you may find some other hikers, otherwise you can often have the place to yourselves.

Along the way you may see some doodlebugs, honey bee hives, wild blueberries and incredible views of the Jordan Valley, Golan Heights, Yavne’el Valley and Tiberias.

Come join us soon for your own walk through the Naftali Hills behind our home in the Galilee.

Here are the directions to find the spring:

Walk toward the Breslov Shul and cross straight through the traffic circle.

At the third street past the traffic circle turn right up the hill toward the cemetary.
Stand when facing the cemetery and go to the right about 20 meters until you reach a dirt path that bends left and goes around the cemetery to the west. It’s moderate incline which becomes immediately a decline. The cemetery is on your left, continue for about 150 meters (you’ll see beehives to your right).

You’ll come to a sharp right bend into the Wadi. Immediately at the end of the curve will appear a low cattle fence on the right side. Leave the “road” which continues down  into the valley (ATV’s can go down that path). Instead turn right before the fence and walk parallel to the fence, after about 10 meters the fence ends.
Turn left onto a mildly sloping path towards the spring. (This path is parallel to the dirt road that continues at the bottom of the Wadi.)
Continue about 300 meters on the path to the heart of the riverbed, until the spring, which is the middle of the channel.

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